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Humara FM

Brand Name Humara has its origins in Hum

Hum. An Urdu word which translates to ‘Our’ in English language. This word spells ownership. ‘Humara’ brand philosophy extends from the belief that content drives ownership and loyalty towards a particular frequency.

Brand Elements
Colors in the brand symbolize diversity in our audience with respect to age, gender, and psychographic profile. These colors extend our promise to entertain and mesmerize a wide range of audiences. The font extends its friendliness towards the listeners and the waves depicted in the logo, are ‘waves of change’.

Promise & Positioning
We hope that the content and RJs of Humara FM 90 will uphold the promise of ownership. The content will help position Humara brand across a wide range of audiences, extending from teens to mature listeners, motorists to household and to the rich and poor alike. We hope that Humara FM 90 will be a station of first choice for the masses of Pakistan!

Address:    2-W-101 4th floor Bal Plaza Main Susan Road Madina Town Faisalabad
Phone:   041-8503195
Facebook:   Humara FM 90 (Official)

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